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HD-CVI looks to kill off Analog CCTV market.
Time:2014-5-9 19:58:40
Analog CCTV has dominated the security market for decades. This technology can be found at most local electronic retailers and cost factor has always made analog the top choice amongst consumers. The last decade has brought us Network IP and HD-SDI technology, both digital formats offer higher resolution video over its counterpart analog systems. The one constant with both technologies has been the expense. Both IP network cameras and HD-SDI tend to be higher priced than analog and typically are a little harder to install and setup for the common consumer. HD-CVI has emerged as a technology that promises to close the gap between analog and HD video. HD-CVI allows you to use coax cable just like analog systems and offers longer distances similar to that of typical analog cameras. HD-SDI and IP cameras have a distance limitation that must be considered. HD-CVI also allows consumers to use UTP (CAT5,6) network cable with baluns to transmit video. This option allows consumers with existing network cable to proceed with their HD-CVI installtion without the need of coax cable. Another key advantage is the ability to transmit Video, Audio and RS485 over the same coax cable. Typically with an analog camera system you would have to run separate wires for all three options. This makes installations far easier for typical consumer. IP cameras have a unique advantage of allowing you to remotely connect to a camera to make adjustments to the camera itself. This is very helpful when you need to adjust your camera settings and do not have to be physically at the camera. The newer HD-CVI technology allows you to also adjust the camera settings via your DVR (digital video recorder) or CMS remote software. This is a huge plus for consumers that would not have this option with analog systems of the present and past. HD-CVI takes what’s good about IP network cameras and HD-SDI technology and meshes them together by eliminating the common shortcomings of both technologies. Even better is the fact that HD-CVI has done this by keeping the cost equal to that of current analog systems.
Key Features to HD-CVI:
1,In short HD-CVI offers pricing that equals if not beats analog.
2,Offers higher resolution video. HD quality over analog.
3,Provides Digital Zoom capability during live and playback.
4,Allows you to use existing coax cable to easily upgrade your current analog system.
5,No 300-400 foot distance limitation when using coax or UTP with baluns.
6,OSD Menu control of the camera from your DVR or Remote PC.
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