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Comparison of HD-CVI, HD-SDI and IP Cameras
Time:2014-6-9 20:09:13
After learned about the HD-CVI Products, there must have clients want to compare with HD-CVI and HD-SDI, IP Products, followed the comparison detail as your reference.
1, Longer Transmission Distance
Both HD-CVI and HD-SDI can transfer HD signal @720p/1080p, but HDCVI has a distinguished advantage at the transmission distance. With general transmission media, HD-SDI reaches 100 meters at most while HD-CVI, at least, transmits 500 meters by using 75-3 cable and featuring low signal distortion rate.
2, Better Anti-Interference Capability
The anti-interference capability of HD-SDI solution is relatively poor when been placed against high-frequent radiation environment, which could lead to higher bit error ratio while the HDCVI adopts low-frequency modulation technology, making it free from the high-frequency wireless electric radiation to ensure stable video transmission at high image quality.
1, Reliability
HDCVI adopts P2P transmission to ensure a smooth and reliable transmission; while the transmission of network camera is based on Ethernet and thus may lead to network jitter and packet loss.
2, Real-time
The network HD features video bu_er technology and the delay is controlled within 300 milliseconds in the general and fair networking environment; However, HD-CVI features no latency capability for an outstanding real-time performance.
3, No Compression
For HD-CVI, there is no compression processed to maintain its original e_ect and thus present in vivid image quality.
4, Lower Cost
Unlike HD-SDI, which posts high demands on cabling and installation; HD-CVI solution inherits the same installing means of conventional analog solutions, which is of great convenience and also decrease the cost.
5, Smart control
As HD-CVI transmits multiple-signal (video/audio and dual-way data) over one cable, it realizes video/audio synchronized transmission and reverse-signal transmission control at the same time, such as PTZ and zoom control; which further simpli_es the installation.
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